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Protect Your Business Against Cyber Risks

Cyber Risks: A Day in the Life

Architects and engineers face a variety of risks everyday, but your business can take preventative actions by being aware and informed. The following "Day in the Life" highlights how everyday occurances can quickly turn into large risks.

7:00 AM

Stops at local cafe. Connects to WIFI and opens email invitation from a friend to a networking event. Uses link in email to RSVP.

Risk: Public WIFI allows criminals to "electronically eavesdrop" on valuable information stored on your phone including passwords. 

9:00 AM

At the office, opens email from design software company regarding a BIM software update. Clicks link in email to download update.

Risk: Potential phishing email that directs to bogus website to capture personal/financial information. 

11:00 AM

At the office, makes updates to client designs based on vendor feedback captured in previous meeting. Throws notes away. 

Risk: Criminals can steal papers from the garbage and gain access to confidential information from client files. 

1:00 PM

Grabs lunch at local restaurant. Connects phone to restaurant’s WIFI to check email and purchase ticket to the networking event using credit card. 

Risk: Public WIFI gives criminals access to credit card information used to make the purchase on your phone. 

2:00 PM

Upon returning from lunch, realized a ransomware attack has frozen all systems. Cannot access software or client information.

Risk: A ransomware attack prevents you from using your computer. Criminals often demand payment (via Bitcoins) to regain access. 

6:00 PM

After a few hours, figures out how to purchase Bitcoins and pays the ransom, however, the criminals provide a decryption key that does not work. 

Risk: Once the criminals receive payment, they might not provide the correct decryption code in hopes you will continue to pay additional ransom. 

Architects and engineers encounter a variety of cyber risks every day and must be prepared should a data breach occur. Solutions offered through Marsh can provide response and recovery assistance following a digital crime or breach liability incident.

Content provided by Victor O. Schinnerer & Company, one of the largest and most experienced underwriting managers of specialty insurance programs.