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Umbrella Liability

Make sure you're prepared if liability limits aren't enough. Give your business an extra layer of protection with umbrella liability insurance.

Umbrella Liability Overview

One of the most important keys to business success is providing a safe working environment for your employees. But unfortunately, sometimes even the best safety precautions can’t prevent an accident or injury.

For example, an employee could develop carpal tunnel syndrome from working on the computer or get hurt lifting heavy items or falling at your store.

Workers’ compensation can help. Not only does it offer valuable coverage for employees who are injured on the job or while performing work-related duties, but it also protects your business. For instance, workers’ compensation can:

  • Pay for medical expenses
  • Provide a portion of lost income
  • Protect you from lawsuits filed by employees injured on the job

Umbrella Liability Customized for Hallmark Cards Retailers

Hallmark Cards worked exclusively with Marsh Sponsored Programs to develop a workers’ compensation plan for Hallmark Gold Crown Franchisees. 

Five reasons it pays to protect your business with Umbrella Liability Insurance through the Hallmark Cards Retailer Insurance Program!

  1. Save time and avoid the hassle of shopping around.
    Everything you need to protect your business can be purchased from a single, reliable source.
  2. Customize a plan that’s the right fit for your Hallmark Gold Crown business.
    Instead of one-size-fits-all coverage, you have the flexibility to customize a plan that meets your business’s needs and individual requirements—not someone else's.
  3. Pay less for the best coverage available.
    As the only workers' compensation insurance plan approved by Hallmark Cards, you can rest assured you’re paying the most competitive rates without sacrificing quality service.
  4. Keep costs down with expert claims and loss control services.  
    Proven, efficient claims handling from a team of experts who know your business is just one of the program’s many advantages. You can also reduce the potential for losses with on site loss control assessments and ongoing risk management advice.
  5. Enjoy fast, friendly service from a team of insurance experts.
    As a program participant, you can look forward to excellent service and fast, full-service enrollment. 

Get a free, no-obligation quote right now!

To request a free, no-obligation quote, call +1 800 588 7524 and speak with a Hallmark Cards Retailer Insurance Program Specialist today. Or, for added convenience, you can request a free quote online.


How can I learn more about customizing a plan for my business?

Simply call a Hallmark Cards Retailer Insurance Program Specialist representative today at +1 800 588 7524 for more information and a free, no-obligation quote. Or, for added convenience, you can request a free consultation online.

What does umbrella liability insurance cover?

An umbrella liability insurance policy provides additional coverage when the limits on an underlying policy are exceeded. For instance, if your current general liability policy covers you for $2,000,000 and you have a claim settlement for $3,000,000, the umbrella policy would cover the additional $1,000,000.

Do I really need umbrella liability insurance for my business?

Yes. If your business’s liability insurance can’t cover all costs associated with lawsuits, legal fees and settlements, your business could be held responsible for the excess costs. Most business owners today can’t afford to take that risk and purchase an umbrella liability policy to cover such gaps.