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Non-Trucking Liability & Physical Damage

NEW 2018 NTL/PD savings and enhanced benefits through FLEET.

Overview of Non-Trucking Liability & Damage Insurance

Non-trucking liability (NTL) is insurance coverage for use of a commercial vehicle for non-business or personal use. ​NTL provides coverage for property damage or bodily injury to a third party.

Physical damage (PD) insurance provides collision and comprehensive coverage to repair or replace your business' new or used truck in the event that it is lost or damaged, whether operating for personal or business use. Coverage is 24/7 for things such as collision, fire, theft or vandalism on an actual cash value basis.

With over 6 million vehicle accidents in the US every year, you deserve to work with a company who understands your business needs. As a long-time industry leader, we understand your business' risks and have tailored new and improved FLEET coverage to help protect what you’ve worked hard to build. 

Only offered by Marsh and Protective, FLEET clients receive these exclusive benefits:

  • Up to 60% savings for June 1, 2018 NTL/PD premiums.*
  • Double the coverage for supplemental units — now covered for a full 60 days.


Is my business qualified?

If you are currently a Marsh and Protective client with NTL/PD coverage, yes! No action is required by you to take advantage of these potential savings and enhanced benefits for NTL/PD coverage. 

Not a current client? Compare this offering with your current coverage by contacting us at +1 866 814 7515 for a quote.

Savings and Reporting Claims

New premium discounts are designed to reward CSPs with proven business experience, those who have multiple lines of coverage with Marsh and Protective, and businesses with positive loss experience. Going forward, your rate for NTL/PD will be determined based on your business’ unique exposures and performance.

Our new rating structure is designed to provide as much as 60% savings over current levels for those businesses that qualify for the maximum premium credits:

  • Watch your mail for your Rate Indication letter outlining your renewal savings for this 2018-2019 policy period. 
  • OR contact our FLEET service center now +1 866 814 7515 to review your savings.

Reporting a claim is easy and hassle-free. Call one of the dedicated toll-free hotlines +1 800 231 6024, +1 800 626 8381 or download the Protective app to report a claim.

Are supplemental vehicles covered?

Beginning June 1, 2018, supplemental vehicles (those vehicles rented temporarily as additional equipment) rented for 60 days or less are automatically covered under your business' NTL/PD policy.

Any supplemental vehicle your business rents will automatically be covered under your business’ NTL/PD policy for the first 60 days, expiring on day 61. If your business intends to rent a vehicle for longer than 60 days, please contact Marsh to schedule that vehicle to the business policy. Otherwise, that vehicle will not be insured.

When is a rental car covered?

 If the scheduled vehicle is disabled and under repair for mechanical failure, routine maintenance or collision or comprehensive loss, your policy with Protective Insurance Company will cover the rental vehicle for both physical damage and non-trucking liability, subject to the same deductibles and policy limits that apply to your scheduled vehicle. You will be required to provide a repair invoice for your scheduled vehicle showing it was under repair.

What happens if I total my truck?

If your truck is totaled, you will receive the actual cash value or market value up to your stated value, less your deductible.

Example: If you state the value of your truck to be $50,000 and it is totaled, but the market value is $60,000 you will receive $50,000 less your deductible. If market value is $40,000, you receive $40,000 less your deductible.

Is my audio equipment covered?

Yes, if it is permanently installed in the covered vehicle (including radio, CD player, cassette player, XM radio), subject to your deductible.

Is my windshield covered?

Yes, for the amount that exceeds your deductible. If your truck is licensed in South Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, or Massachusetts, there is no deductible applied to glass repairs or replacement.