Route Consultant

Marsh and Route Consultant partner together to bring you the highest level of service in order to evaluate business efficiencies, generate a business valuation,and assist you with buying and selling routes.

Route Consultant Overview

Route Consultant is the premier route broker and consultant in the industry. They feature listings across the US and Canada and give their buyers and sellers access to an exclusive network. The team at Route Consultant is an active team of independent contractors—managing a fleet of 275 trucks and over 225 employees across the United States, including Ground, Home Delivery, and Linehaul.

In addition to serving as Independent Service Providers, they offer extensive consulting services to new and experienced route owners. These services include business valuations, operations/fleet management optimization, route efficiency analysis, and more.

They also operate as the largest ISP route brokers in the US, maintaining an exclusive listing of routes for sale. Each seller working with Route Consultant receives access to a deep pool of qualified and educated buyers.


How much are my routes worth?

Many, many factors go into the pricing of routes for sale. Add to that: the market is constantly changing! Most customer service areas (CSAs) in the United States are seeing substantial year-over-year growth. Finally, we know that contractors are in varied stages of ISP transition, plus operations are moving to new 7 days per week schedules.

The rate of change and transition can be dizzying. This is why it's critical to use an experienced route broker (with actual contracting experience) to price your operation.

We analyze the following items to provide an accurate market valuation on selling price: current revenue trends based on settlement revenue, current expense tracking, current cash flow trends based on above reporting, cleanliness and availability of historical financials, overlap status, fleet composition and condition.

All of our business valuations are free for route owners considering a sale. 

What are the benefits of listing with Route Consultant?

Work with experienced contractors . We understand the purchase process from the inside out.

  • Get accurate market valuations based on historical performance that account for all of the unique characteristics of your business.
  • Receive access to our deep well of educated and prepared buyers.
  • Avoid last minute renegotiations with buyers who don't understand your business.
  • Let us guide you through the critical sales steps and help you avoid a failed closing.

Learn more about selling your routes with Route Consultant.