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Umbrella Liability

Even if you carry general liability insurance for your franchise, you might face a repair, settlement, or judgment in excess of your coverage limit. 


An Umbrella policy can be the most affordable way to get higher policy limits on several other small-business insurance policies. While some franchisees balk at the prospect of investing in additional coverage, an umbrella policy is worth thoughtful consideration.

The number of customers, suppliers, partners, and other business associates that franchise owner/operators come into contact with every day means that you simply face more opportunities for lawsuits than the average person. An umbrella policy offers an extra safety net, at an economical rate, in case one of those people brings a costly lawsuit.  


Answers about the policy, including eligibility, options, enrollment, customer service and more.

Tell me what umbrella liability covers.

Umbrella liability covers expenses that exceed the limits of  underlying primary business coverages. Without umbrella insurance, business owners could be obligated to pay out of pocket for legal fees, medical bills, and damages.

How does umbrella liability work?

If you have $1 million in general liability coverage and a covered claim is settled for $1.5 million, your umbrella liability policy would pick up the $500,000 not covered by your general liability policy. Without an umbrella policy, you would have to pay that uncovered expense out-of-pocket, which many franchise owners simply cannot afford.

Who is the insurer?

Marsh Sponsored Programs supports the National Owners Insurance Team (NOIT) endorsed Umbrella Liability Program. Coverage will be placed through the participating insurer, RSUI Indemnity Company (FL Insurer: Landmark American Insurance Company).

Who is eligible and how do I apply?

All US Franchisees are eligible for the program.

Applying for coverage is easy! Contact an account manager today or apply through the program portal

Is there an installment plan available?

Yes! Marsh has partnered with AFCO to provide financing options.

Call +1 800 323 4195 to speak with an account manager about your options.