E&O Program

Marsh is proud to offer WFG & TFA agents access to our online enrollment solution for E&O insurance coverage that meets WFGIA-TFA insurance requirements.

Your clients count on you for professional advice and services. Unfortunately, mistakes can and do happen — sometimes resulting in a lawsuit.

Why is E&O Coverage Important?

Any business or licensed professional who offers advice or provides a service needs an errors and omissions (E&O) insurance policy, also known as professional liability insurance. An E&O policy protects your livelihood in the event you are sued for negligence or inadequate work by financially supporting you in the event of a claim made by a client (in excess of your deductible). Your insurer pays the cost to defend you as well as any settlement amount up to your limit of liability.

Even if a claim made against you seems frivolous and without merit, the cost in defending you in that claim could be several thousands of dollars. E&O insurance is there to protect you against claims and provide peace of mind.

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For certificate of insurance requests, billing inquiries or coverage questions about the E&O policy contact Marsh at:

Marsh Service Center
Phone:  +1 (800) 380-0451
E-mail:  eandoservices@marsh.com


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