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Non-Trucking Liability & Physical Damage (NTL & PD) Insurance Solutions

Designed to be compliant with FedEx Ground insurance requirements

NTL & PD insurance provides coverage for property damage or bodily injury to a third party while operating a commercial vehicle for non-business or personal use. This coverage also includes collision and comprehensive coverage to repair or replace your business' new or used truck in the event it’s lost or damaged (whether operating for personal or business use).

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Did you know more FedEx Ground Service Proviers choose to insure their business through Marsh than any other broker?

That’s probably because we’re battle tested, and our wealth of experience helps us support and educate SPs, like you, every day.

We work with thousands of SPs to help them understand which coverages make sense to ensure they are protecting their business, while not paying for coverages they don’t need. This results in SPs being able to reduce their coverage and providing more money to help support their business.   

Frequently asked questions

Yes, our premium discounts are designed to reward FedEx Ground Service Providers with proven business experience, multiple lines of coverage with Marsh and Protective, and businesses with positive loss experience. Going forward, your rate for NTL & PD will be determined based on your business’ unique exposures and performance. 

Our experienced based rating structure is designed to provide as much as 60% savings over current levels for those businesses that qualify for the maximum premium credits: 

  • Watch your mail for your Rate Indication letter outlining your renewal savings during your upcoming policy period. 


Yes, our NTL & PD policy provides coverage for supplemental vehicles.

Any supplemental vehicle your business rents will automatically be covered under your business’ NTL & PD policy for the first 60 days, expiring on day 61. If your business intends to rent a vehicle for longer than 60 days, please contact Marsh to schedule that vehicle to the business policy. Otherwise, that vehicle will not be insured.

If the scheduled vehicle is disabled and under repair for mechanical failure, routine maintenance or collision, or a covered comprehensive or collision loss,  your policy with Protective Insurance Company will cover the rental vehicle for both physical damage and non-trucking liability (subject to the same deductibles and policy limits that apply to your scheduled vehicle). You'll be required to provide a repair invoice for your scheduled vehicle showing it was under repair.

If your truck is totaled, you'll receive the actual cash value or market value up to your stated value, less your deductible.

For example: If you state the value of your truck to be $50,000 and it's totaled, but the market value is $60,000 you'll receive $50,000 less your deductible. If the market value is $40,000, you'll receive $40,000 less your deductible.

Yes, for the amount that exceeds your deductible. If your truck is licensed in South Carolina, Kentucky, Florida, or Massachusetts, there's no deductible applied to glass repairs or replacement.

Visit our claims page to learn more about filing a claim. 

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