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Insurance Solutions for FedEx Ground SPs

Marsh offers curated insurance solutions designed specifically for FedEx Ground Service Providers to meet contractual requirements.

Understanding your transportation business

We’ve got you covered, from Service Provider demands to contractual insurance requirements.

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Employment Practices Liability

Covers your business against wrongful acts, including wrongful termination, discrimination, sexual harassment, and retaliation. Policyholders have unlimited access for employment-related questions to employment attorneys through the EPRMA attorney helpline. 

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Non-Trucking Liability & Physical Damage

Coverage for property damage or bodily injury to a third party while operating a commercial vehicle for non-business or personal use. This coverage also provides collision and comprehensive coverage to repair or replace your business' new or used truck in the event it’s lost or damaged (whether operating for personal or business use).

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Workers' Compensation

This insurance helps employees pay for medical care, wages from lost work time, and more because of work-related injuries or illnesses. RIGHTSUM™ – a billing option for WC policies – lets you pay in real-time as payrolls are reported, maintaining accurate premiums and overall cashflow.

Did you know more FedEx Ground Service Providers choose to insure their business through Marsh than any other broker?

That’s probably because we’re battle tested, and our wealth of experience helps us support and educate SPs, like you, every day.

We work with thousands of SPs to help them understand which coverages make sense to ensure they are protecting their business, while not paying for coverages they don’t need. This results in SPs being able to reduce their coverage and providing more money to help support their business.   

Need more reasons to choose Marsh to protect your business?

See all the additional services and learn how they're designed to meet the challenges of your world.

Save 10% by bundling

When you purchase an NTL/PD and Workers' Compensation policy for your FedEx Ground business through Marsh, you're eligible for a 10% discount on your NTL/PD policy.

Self-Service Portal that puts you in control

Our digital Self-Service Portal enables you to download certificates of insurance, add or remove vehicles, access auto id cards, and more.

No obligation quote

If you'd prefer to kick the tires before buying, rest assured knowing that all of our Workers' Compensation quotes are provided at no cost and are no obligation.

Easy claims reporting - on your time

File by phone or online. The 24/7 claims phone hotline with a live, US-based insurance advisor ready to assist you.

Monthly allowanace for non-slip shoes

Most Workers' Compensation policies through Marsh include a monthly allowance for each of your employees to purchase slip-resistant shoes. Reduce preventable accidents. Improve employee safety.

Fraudulent activity monitoring

Suspect foul play? Promptly alert your adjustor, who will determine the appropriate next steps using key data points to determine fraudulent activity.


Manage your business insurance – anytime and anywhere!

You’re always on the go. Save time and money by managing
your business insurance policies online.